Rising 5's Session

The Rising 5’s session is a special afternoon session which is only for children who will be going to school in the next academic year. This session is really important in helping the children to be “school ready” by encouraging them to become more independent learners. We do this in an exciting and interesting way, offering them more structured activities and the opportunity to learn their phonics and numbers.



The children all sit down to eat lunch together with a member of staff which replicates the set up in schools and the staff can prompt and guide social interactions with the children.



The staff set up a series of activity stations which all focus on different areas of learning. The children go around the stations with their staff member and take part in the activities, which are guided to their individual learning level by the staff.



At the end of the year the children are invited to a Graduation party where we celebrate their individual achievements in their last year of preschool, they are presented with a gift and a certificate signed by all the staff wishing them well in the future.


Parent’s and Children’s Comments:

My children loved attending Rising 5’s, they enjoyed the structured activities and I feel that the experience really helped to get them ready for starting Reception.

"Children are exceptionally well prepared for starting school. They express themselves articulately, are immensely inquisitive, and confidently ask questions about how the world works and why. Children competently manage practicalities, such as serving themselves snacks and opening their lunchboxes. They enthusiastically engage in group discussions and singing, and make excellent progress in literacy and mathematics." Ofsted, 2019